what to wear wednesdays :: date night edition

April 4, 2013


Yesterday I went on Studio 4 to talk about date night ideas. I included everything from going to the theatre to going on a picnic. Before my segment Megan and Andy were talking about Carrie Underwood’s tips for a healthy marriage – and one of them was date night. Do you guys go on date night? Daniel and I used to go every Friday but once we opened the store our date night’s turned into ordering 575 to go. (Not that I’m complaining, best pizza ever!) However, I think it’s time to get creative and try out some new things. Maybe a wine tasting, playing put-put, or even going to a concert. If you have any creative ideas for date night, send them my way!

Also, at the end of the segment we touched on how to wear white and ivory for spring – and more importantly what you wear underneath them. It is true, you can wear red underneath white and it does not show. Don’t ask me how it works, I can’t give you the answer. But it just does, trust me. You can also wear nude and it won’t show. Just make sure you pick a nude that matches your skin color (there’s different nudes that range from light to dark). My advice though – if it’s date night, go for the red.

See the entire video from Studio 4 here (or just click on the picture up there).

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