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August 21, 2013


You know when people say, I love fall more than summer? Or, I love winter more than spring? (Who doesn’t love spring, by the way?) I am not one of those people. You know what I love – I love when seasons change. I can’t say I love summer more than fall because each season I put away the clothing that has been in rotation for the past few months and pull out what has been stored in the back of my closet. It’s like I get an entire new wardrobe when the seasons change, and there is nothing wrong with that.

 The best part about a season changing is by far the new clothes. Pastels go out the door, and jewel tone hues and boots come in. And I love it.

With the changing season, I wanted to cover a few new trends that we’ll be seeing this fall, as well as how you can wear them with pieces from the shop. So without further ado…

1. Simply Elegant
Let’s be honest here. Nobody likes to buy things that you will only wear for one season. I mean, if you do it’s got to be on a really good sale. I would rather spend my money on pieces that will carry over into different seasons and still look good. That’s why this trend is my favorite trend. There is something so simple yet elegant about this dress. The color is fabulous, and the cut is extremely flattering – it makes dressing up easy.

2. Prints Go Bold
A lot of people don’t know this, but I am not a big print person. The majority of my closet is solids and basics. However, a black and white polka dot is a trend I can embrace. Black and white is going to be big this fall, and is also going to carry over into resort wear, so you will definitely get your use our of these pieces. Not only will you be seeing plenty of black and white, go for prints that are bold such as plaids and large florals (you’ll be seeing those in the store soon).

 3. Tapered Trousers
I love a good trouser. They are so classic and easy to wear, which makes them a staple in every woman’s closet. This season look for the trousers that fall in between a skinny pant and a wide leg jean. These are both flattering and easy to wear, while still being stylish. Wear it with a loose sweater and loafers or an easy top and heels.

 These are 3 fall trends that I am more than willing to grasp, because it makes getting dressed so easy (which is always helpful). We’ll do our next style series in a few weeks as we get more fall arrivals in the store! If you want to watch our video on Studio 4 talking about these fall trends, click here to see the full thing!

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