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November 27, 2013

It wasn’t until I became a small business owner did I truly learn the importance of shopping locally. Yes, before I owned Semblance I enjoyed finding gifts at small shops and supporting locally owned businesses. However, the concept never really came to light until I made myself a small business owner.

Before I continue with this post I need to get real here. You guys have seen me post several gift guides/wish lists/how to wear it’s with items found online or through stores not located in Amarillo. This post does not mean that I never, ever snag something on sale at J.Crew, or I don’t stop at Zara while I’m in Austin visiting my family – because I do. But, I also make it a point to shop locally here in town even more than I do online. And it is important, and I want to share why – because I really didn’t realize the depth of why until recently.

Why does it matter if you buy those earrings at my store when you can just order them online for the same price? There are so many reasons why it matters.

When you shop at a local business, you support someone that not only lives in your community, but spends here, eats here, and gives here. Everyone knows that the sales tax collected in Amarillo will stay in Amarillo. However, the reach of local businesses goes much further than the collection of sales tax.

When you shop at a local business, those business owners in turn spend that money here in our community. We buy our groceries locally. We spend our money at other local shops. We, as owners get to turn around and do the same. We bank locally. We buy locally. We get to support local restaurants. For instance, we eat lunch at The Panhandlers, Real Food Café, Crush, or Roosters. It creates a circle of spending that stays right here in our community. (And plus, what would Amarillo be with out any of those restaurants?)

The business owners you support also help contribute back to Amarillo. They are members to organizations and they donate their time to non-profits that benefit people that live right here in the very city you live in. They donate their time and their money to programs that make our city, your city, better. You can’t tell me that the CEO of Nordstrom gives to the Eveline Rivers Christmas Project.

Small businesses are what drive a community. No one ever said – oh, that city has the best Target. Never. But did they say what local restaurants and stores they remember about that city.

Small business owners do not expect you to not shop online, ever. All I am saying is that if you even just bought one of your Christmas gifts this year at a local business – you would make a difference. This is a conversation I have had with several business owners in town. We don’t ask you to spend every dollar you have in our store – but you can’t even imagine how happy it makes us when you come in and just buy a card at our stores.

Small Business Saturday is November 30th, and it is a day to show your support for the stores that make a difference in the community. Mark your calendars!

For all of our supporters/friends/family/clients that come in and shop at Semblance: I can’t thank you enough. It is because of you that we are here. For buying a Rifle Paper Co card at my store when Target has them in theres, for shopping at our trunk shows, for purchasing our jewelry here when you can buy it online. Thank you. I can’t say it enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Here is a list of local stores that are perfect places for you to check names off your list this holiday season:

Women’s Clothing: Semblance Boutique (duh), Lilly Finch, Raffkinds, Janey’s, Get Fit

Home Wares and Gifts: Lilly Finch, The Nat, Little Brown House, Gray is Grey, Et Cetera, JBS, Panache, Pete’s Greenhouse, Semblance Boutique, The Secret Place, The Muse, Two Loons, Peppermint Garden

Children’s Toys and Clothing: Janey’s, Little Peds,  Lilly Finch, Et Cetera, JBS

Things for the Guys: Top Notch Outfitters, Get Fit, Raffkinds, Riverfields, Et Cetera, Corbyns.

Gifts for Pets: Texotic Pets, Le Chateau, Lilly Finch 

**If I forgot a small business off of this list, please leave a comment below and I will be sure to add it!


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