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February 28, 2013

I don’t know about yall – but my first winter in Amarillo kinda kicked my butt. I didn’t get into the gym near as much as I would like, and now spring is coming and I can not wait to get back into some workout/fitness routine. Enter Julie Winters. She is one of the coolest, most outgoing, funnest ladies I’ve ever been around and she just opened her first Pilates studio! She’s going to be at the store every Tuesday for the next 3 weeks at 6:00 teaching a beginners Pilates class. It’s the perfect way to get back into the workout routine after a harsh winter, or just have a little fun with girlfriends working out!

Now, for the record. I have never, ever done a Pilates class. I’ve done yoga, but not Pilates. So please don’t hesitate to come because you and I will be in the exact same beginners boat. Have questions about Pilates? Check out her website here. Bring a mat if you have one, but if not she will have a few extra!

How do you get back into a workout routine after months of being completely out of one?  Hope you can make it on Tuesday!

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