white dress

July 7, 2015

Ever since we’ve closed up the shop for our move, I haven’t been dressing up because I’m not at the store everyday. While I certainly haven’t minded not wearing heels in almost 2 months, it is fun to put on a pretty dress once in a while.

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best hummus ever

June 19, 2015

Lately I’ve been finding myself making hummus almost every week, either just to snack on or to take to dinner with friends. I used to make hummus with raw garlic, but then I stumbled across this recipe on pinterest and my world was forever changed. It’s all about the roasted garlic.  Continue Reading…


summer sandals

May 19, 2015



There are a few things that happen after you make a big business change. (Like deciding to close your store front and wait a few months for your new location to be ready…more on that here.)

You have a few crazy dreams about waking up in your store and everything being different (kind of like those showing up naked on the first day of school dreams), you don’t really get dressed for a few days, you realize that you can do basically whatever you want on a Tuesday afternoon (kind of), you get brain cells back that disappeared in the work of a move, and lastly – you re think what you have in your closet.  Continue Reading…