loren hope fall/winter 2014 lookbook

September 27, 2014

One of the things that I enjoy most about what I do is getting to preview jewelry early. I saw the fall Loren Hope pieces a while back, and it’s always tricky to be looking over fall jewelry when it is still summer outside. But, then months pass and Loren Hope releases their look book and everything comes together, perfectly.


A big trend in fashion this fall is grunge. And, if I’m being completely honest, I was not a big fan when I starting seeing all of the grunge pieces for this upcoming season. However, the trick to making grunge work is mixing it in with pieces that are feminine and timeless, like the black dress above. I think the mix of heavy metals with a feminine dress is something that works really well. Lucky for us Loren Hope has been sharing where the other pieces in their look book came from, and you can get this dress here.


Plaid is always great for the fall and holiday season – and it’s even better when you mix it with fun and bold crystal pieces. Throwing on a bold earring is a perfect way to dress up a casual, boyfriend jean/shirt look.


And lastly, meet the new Sylvia necklace. My favorite thing about this necklace is that the jewels wrap all the way around to the back, making it perfect for when you have your hair up. We ordered this necklace for the store, and I think this is one piece that I just might have to keep for myself!

If you haven’t seen the look book yet, go check it out on Loren Hope’s website, all of the images came out beautifully, and they definitely served as inspiration for me when thinking about how to wear the jewels this fall.



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