latest obsession: sheer

November 26, 2012

I don’t know if yall have noticed or not, but I am beyond obsessed with sheer. We have a few dresses here at the store that have sheer cutouts, and while in the beginning I wasn’t certain if it was apropro or not – my mind is now made up, I love it. And I know you will too. And if you don’t love it I would like for you to look at my proof that sheer is chic, classy, pretty, what have you. In my mind, if Olivia Palermo (style crush) is wearing sheer – than I can wear sheer too, right?

Image sources from top left: Sheer back, sheer dress, sheer stripes, sheer skirt, sheer x, Zoe in sheer, sheer top, and OP in sheer

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