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October 9, 2014


Welcome to the new Semblance Blog!! I am so excited to share our new little spot on the internet with you! Our new blog has so many different things on it now that it didn’t in the past. The thing I am most excited about on this blog is our Local List, a list of my favorite places to shop and eat in Amarillo. Also, you can find more details on the services I am now offering, like styling and graphic design. And don’t worry, you can still shop online here. Take a look around and let me know what you think!

I’m also very excited (and nervous) to start sharing outfit photos. (This is something I was very nervous about – putting yourself out there is a big deal!) But, since I’ve been talking about how to wear things, I figured sometimes the easiest way is showing it. So, here we go

When we got this skirt in I immediately knew that it was one of my favorite pieces. It was a last minute decision to purchase it for the store. Proving that sometimes rush decisions are actually good decisions!  I put it on a mannequin and decided then that I really liked it.

But, then the hard part came. What do I have in my closet that I can wear this with?




Leave it to me to find a black shirt and black shoes to go with it. Have I mentioned that I have a very simple style? If I haven’t said that before, I should say it now, I do. You just can’t beat the classic look of black. I decided that since I was going so basic with my outfit that I would throw in some of my favorite Margaret Elizabeth pieces to dress it up a bit. My absolute favorite stone of the moment right now is Labradorite, because of the way the color changes and how easy it is to mix in with other pieces.

What to take from this post? When in doubt, go with black. You can’t go wrong.

Also, I want to give the biggest thank you I could possibly give to Wrus with Scout Studios (go check out their facebook or website) for all of the pictures he took for our blog. Wrus shot my engagement pictures, my wedding, and event events that I have worked on in the past. I am always amazed by how great his work is – if you are needing a photographer for anything, call him.

top (old from semblance, but this one is pretty)
shoes (Zara oldies, I also like these)



BBG_126LAB_large_1024x1024 1BBG_126PINKOP_large_1024x1024 IMG_7234_large_fd96b062-43d5-4b68-b964-1a34934960a3_1024x1024


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