design dreaming

March 19, 2013

We spent a part of the weekend over at a new friends house, and I absolutely fell in love with her home and her style – which got me thinking about mine. The problem is, my style at home is constantly changing. I used to like anything out of a Pottery Barn magazine, and now I’m starting to like more bold color combos and loud pops of color. Sometimes I like all white and neutral as can be, and sometimes I like really modern things. It’s a back and forth thing, which is probably why I haven’t committed yet to fixing a room in our house.

This whole thing inspired a new series on the blog – design dreaming. A place for me to share different inspirations for my home. Not sure yet which one I might pick, but it’s always fun to dream, right?

where to get this stuff: hue / design sponge at home / grace: a memoir / gold mirror / coffee table / glass table lamp / elephant plate /  white pouf / floor lamp / rug / gold elephant / throw / nailhead sofa / greek key trim pillowtaupe agra pillow / sand spotted pillow / starburst statue

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