color crush : indigo

April 4, 2014


We went on a quick weekend trip to Dallas last weekend for market, and I couldn’t help but notice Sunday evening while I was unpacking that everything I had packed for the weekend was blue. Literally, everything. From my favorite new day dress from the store, to some jewels I picked up in Dallas – everything was a different shade of blue. It’s safe to say I’m having a color crush. Right now I am really digging a mix of blues, from minty fresh blues to a deep navy, to light wash denim (or, oven denim on denim.) There are so many ways to wear this color.

Good news though. I started looking through some of my favorite blogs, and I’m not the only one crazy about this color right now! (always helps to have some second opinions) I love seeing this color styled in a light sweater with jeans, or even on a fun print. By the way, we have that blazer that blogger Mara from M loves M is wearing up there in the middle.

Also, we’ve got lots of other blue items in the store. I obviously was starting to catch this love affair a few months ago when I was buying for spring. Some of my favorites are this dress, this blazer, this sweatshirt, and this dress as well. (click to see)

What other color trends are y’all noticing for spring right now? Or, how are you wearing your indigo? Show me on instagram using the hashtag #semblancestyle so I can get some inspiration!

what they’re wearing up there (clockwise) : 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6


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