bathroom dreaming

April 24, 2013

So, we moved into our house almost a year ago and the one of the first projects on our 30 page to do list was the bathroom. Fast forward to present day and none of those projects have been touched. You know, sometimes a store just gets in the way of…life. Well, life is calming down now and we have more time to spend working on that to do list so the first thing I want to get to is the bathroom. It’s not that ours is horrible, I’m just over the popcorn ceiling, ac vent that was strategically placed right above the shower (who does that?), and the black and white checkered floor. I’ve been collecting some images of what I want the new bathroom to look like. Ours is nowhere near the size of any of the ones shown above – but that is what I want it to look like. I want it to be light and bright, with subway tile and gold accents. Not too much to ask for, right?  I have a lot more inspiration pictures on this pinterest board, if you want to see.

Hopefully we’ll get this project started in the next few weeks and I can come with some before/after pictures for you. Are yall doing any spring projects around the house?

*images from: top left bathroom, top right bathroom, gold fixture, bottom left bathroom, bottom right bathroom 

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